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Trip deep into Tainan【Anping District Chapter】Bye-bye hurrying one day trip, let’s arrange a 3 day 2 nights little trip!




Trip deep into TainanAnping Dist. ChapterBye-bye hurrying one day trip, let’s arrange a 3 day 2 nights little trip!

Hi, everyone, I am GODA

This time I will arrange a theme: “Bye-bye hurrying one day trip, let’s arrange a good deep adventure of Tainan trip” to introduce the attractions of Tainan.

This series will be divided into “West Central Dist.” and “Anping Dist.” and this is the “Anping Dist. Chapter!

Location of Anping DistrictLocation of Anping District


Anping District is located at the coastal area of Tainan, there are some distance from downtown area and the Tainan Train Station.

Famous attractions in this district are the “Anping Old Fort” and “Anping Tree House” and these are the must-go attractions for every tourist!

Apart from the above, there are very beautiful ocean view and delicious tofu pudding, seafood…. etc. all of these are all very famous in Taiwan!

Since Anping District covers a very large area, we would recommend you to take a whole day to arrange a deep cultural adventure.


Access methods to go to Anping Dist.

The following is the comparison table of various transportation methods for reference. 

Our conclusion is to recommend taking taxi or bus to go to Anping


The time and expenses for transportation tools are as the following:


From Tainan Train Station to Anping

Transportation tools




About 20 minutes from Tainan Train Station

Around NTD 200

bus no. 2

About 30 minutes from Tainan Train Station

NTD 18

99  line bus

About 35 minutes from Tainan Train Station

NTD 18


Although taking taxi is fast and comfortable, however, bus is a much convenient and economical choice.

If you choose to take bus no. 2, it’s actually almost as fast as taking a taxi, hence we would recommend visitors to take bus no. 2!

Then how to take bus no. 2 from Tainan Train Station to get to Anping? It’s actually quite simple.

Firstly, after you arrived at the front exit of Tainan Train Station, please go to the building in front of the station.

The building located in front of Tainan Train Station (front exit)The building located in front of Tainan Train Station (front exit)

The red arrow is the bus stop to take bus no. 2, visitors can get on the bus at this location.

After the bus arrives to Anping Dist., please get off the bus at the “Anping Old Fort Stop (Anbei Rd)” Now you can start sightseeing.
bus no. 2 bus no. 2

By the way, if you have an Easy Card, it will be much more convenient!

You can buy an Easy Card at any convenience store, so we suggest you get one and add some value to the card before getting on the bus.   

Now let me introduce the premier sightseeing tour in Tainan Anping Dist., with those traveling experiences that you should not miss!

So let’s come to have a look!

Besides, since after arriving to the Anping Dist., tourist will walk all the time to see the attractions. Therefore, we suggest you to take a leisure stroll and have a good look at this small town at the seashore.

Anping Old FortAnping Old Fort

Address: No. 82, Gousheng Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City


Opening hour: 8:30~17:30 (open for whole year)

Entrance fee: 50 NTD

Anping Old Fort and Chihkan Tower are both listed as the must go attraction in Tainan

The old fort is constructed by the Dutch in 1633 to be used as a stronghold in East Asia by Nederland.

By the way, I remember when I was still in high school, my history lesson has mentioned about “Anping Old Fort” and at the time it was written in Dutch as “the Zeelandia.” Anyway, “Anping Old Fort” is so famous that it is also appeared in the Japanese History lesson as an old fortress. If you are very keen to study history and relics, then you should not miss this attraction.


Anping Old Street

Address: Yanping Rd., Anping Dist. Tainan City

Phone: Depends on each shop

Opening time: 7:00~18:30 (Only Saturday opens until 19:00)

Closing date: Depends on each shop

“Anping Old Street” is just beside Anping Old Fort

Anping Old StreetAnping Old Street

There are a lot of nostalgic shops in the street that is suitable for strolling around.

Anping Old StreetCandy shop (upper left)
The old man who tends to that ice cream shop will make ice cream according to the numbers appeared on the roulette wheel by his customer and present the exact number of scoops of ice cream for the customer (upper right)
Candied Fruits made from southern country fruits(left bottom)
Mango smoothie (lower right)

All of these are all full of the atmosphere of the old times.

A small alley fill with the old-time moodA small alley fill with the old-time mood


When I was walking around Anping Old Street, I have found a small alley filled with the old-time mood.

It should be an excellent place to take a picture to keep the memory, right?

There are a lot of similar small alley in Anping Old Street, remember to come for a little adventure!



Anping Tree House (Tait & Co. Merchant House)

Address: No. 108, Goubao street, Anping Dist., Tainan City


Opening hour: 8:30~17:30 (open for a whole year)

Entrance fee: NT50

About 3 minutes walking distance from Anping Old Fort to reach “Anping Tree House”

Anping Tree House

I believed that if you have seen the picture, you would know that AnpingTree House is a wooden warehouse fully covered by the aerial roots of the Banyan tree. Its appearance looks just like the famous animation produced by Mr. Miyazaki Hayao “Castle in the Sky”!  The Tree House has formed a scene with an air of fantasy.


The inside of the Tree House is like a very complicated labyrinth, there are stairways for tourists to go up to the roof to overlook on the full view of the warehouse.

Tait & Co. Merchant HouseTait & Co. Merchant House

Furthermore, the “Tait & Co. Merchant House” beside the warehouse was the warehouse of the old British trading company.

It is now redecorated into a data library for tourists to check on the history of Tainan and Taiwan.
coffee to enjoy and take a restcoffee to enjoy and take a rest
Inside the data library, there is an air-conditioned café for you to have a cup and take a rest!!
Souvenir shopSouvenir shop

There are also a lot of souvenir and gifts.

You can buy many lovely and modern accessories or household goods.



Julius Mannich & CO.

Address: No. 3, Lane 233, Anbei Rd., Anping Dist. Tainan City


There is another old house near the Anping Old Fort and AnpingTree House “Julius Mannich & CO.”

This house is built in 1870 and was the remains of a German trading company.

Julius Mannich & CO.”Julius Mannich & CO.

Unfortunately, it was under renovation when I went to Anping Dist. on April, 2019. So regretfully I was not able to enter this historical building to have a look.

But I heard that before the renovation, when this house is opened during holidays, you can sit down to enjoy beer and German cuisine while listening to live music!

There is a bit of European atmosphere in Anping District, because there are some historic relics of Dutch, British and German.


Tainan Anping Candied Fruits Products Hall

Address: No. 65 Gousheng Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City

Opening hour: daily 12:00~18:00、holidays: 10:00~19:00

Entrance fee: free of charge

It takes only 2 minutes to walk from Anping Old Fort to arrive “Tainan Anping Candied Fruits Products Hall”

Tainan Anping Candied Fruits Products HallTainan Anping Candied Fruits Products Hall

This is the museum to introduce the famous produce of Anping’s “Candied Fruits.”

They are not merely to demonstrate how to make candied fruits, but also sell various kinds of candied fruits! Tourists can buy some delicious candied fruit back home as present to your family or friends.


tofu pudding

Everybody know that there are so many famous tofu pudding shops in Anping!

This traditional desert is very low in calories. They are good and suitable as a small sweet treat during the little trip.

Black tofu puddingBlack tofu pudding

The tofu pudding shop I choose to eat has black tofu pudding available.

And they added a lot of tapioca, it tastes wonderfully good.

Start to eat!Start to eat!

Suggest using Google Map to search for the tofu pudding shops and find one you think is good to go and taste this light and delicious sweet treat!

Only need to use Google map to search, you can find so many tofu pudding shop!


 Shrimp roll

Seafood in Anping is really famous because it is located very near to the sea.

Within all the seafood, I’d like to recommend the “Shrimp Roll” of Anping.

The shrimp roll is at lower right cornerThe shrimp roll is at lower right corner
shrimp rollshrimp rollshrimp roll croquetteshrimp roll croquette

Though the appearance of shrimp roll is not so attractive, but when you have the first bite, you would find that it filled with shrimps for a good chew and very scrumptious

There are also many restaurants that serve shrimp roll, use your Google Map to search for one you like and enjoy!


If you want to have a trip to Tainan, we recommend you can try a bit longer arrangement, such as a 3 day 2 nights little trip instead of just a one day tour!

Though many people might choose to have a day of light trip to Tainan, but since you have left your crowdy and noisy city for once, why not enjoy much longer leisure hours in Tainan?

There is direct flight from Kansai International Airport to Tainan, and there is also very detailed description of websites for tourists to obtain information, it is very convenient for getting the touring information or transportations.

The reason why we recommend this “Trip deep into Tainan” is because ① Now there are direct flight between Osaka (Kansai International Airport) and Taiwan!

And because of the direct flight from Tainan to Osaka (Kansai International Airport)

(Though it does not concern with the tourists in the Kansai area), the tourists from Japan don’t have to go to Taipei or Kaohsiung to transfer to Tainan, they can enjoy Tainan fully with their trip.

<Basic information of flight from Osaka-Tainan>

Airliner: China Airline

Depart from Kansai Airport: Depart: 12:00 arrive: 14:00/every Tuesday, Friday

Depart from Tainan: Depart: 15:30 arrive:19:30/every Tuesday, Friday

Air fare: About 16,000Yen one way~

Tainan airport: Direct distance to TRA Tainan Train Station is about 5.7km. Suggest to take City bus or taxi to go to downtown area,it’s all very convenient.


Although, I am a citizen of Aichi Prefecture and does not have much of a chance to use these flights...

I am really envy people in Kansai area!

Reason for suggesting “Trip deep into Tainan” is that ② there are detailed and complete information in the websites.


Apart from the attractions introduced in this chapter, there are many other charming places in Tainan for you to explore!

Now I would like to introduce a website for searching Tainan’s suburban attractions and rarely known attractions.

That is the “Travel Tainan”↓↓

Travel Tainan (Japanese version website)

This website is managed by the Tainan City Government.

The website has been divided into different caption as “Historical remains”, “Eco-Educations”, “Sightseeing Factories”, “Religious Temples” and “Touring Night Markets”, you can click whatever of the above themes to find the attractions you want to visit.↓↓↓

You can click the categories to find the attractions you want to go

You can click the categories to find the attractions you want to go

There are full and detailed descriptions of each attractions. ↓↓↓

Descriptions of the attractions

Besides, the comments of tourists and trip advisor can be found in the website so that you can refer to the comments of other netizens.↓↓↓

Comments of trip advisor

Not only the information for attractions, you can search for information of various restaurants, dining places, events etc.

The best part is that there is Japanese version for this website, so I suggest everybody use it more often.

Travel Tainan


Reason for suggesting “Trip deep into Tainan” ③ Tainan Fun Card

Tainan Fun CardTainan Fun Card


Tainan City Government also presents “Tainan Fun Card” to let our tourists travel in Tainan more conveniently.

Tourists to Tainan can buy various entrance tickets for all kinds of facilities, or enroll and attend local city tour program.

The method of purchase is very simple.

After paid on line using credit card, the electronic tickets will be sent to your mobile phone, and you simply have to show the electronic tickets to the staff at site to enter any attraction you choose.

You can save time to line up for a ticket, how convenient it is!

But it’s a shame that currently these electronic tickets can only be purchased in the Chinese version website.

Tainan(Tainan Fun Card)


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