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YBB, the Malaysian internet celebrity take you to tour Tainan




YBB recommendation 1.

Talking about famous delicacies of Tainan, everyone will mention fresh beef soup! This time I have finally tasted a bowl of heartwarming beef soup, I can only say that it is so yummy. It’s very clear and tasty, not greasy at all! The beef itself is so tender and bouncing on my tongue! If you ever have a chance to come to Tainan, you really must come to try once!  

YBB recommendation 2

I love mango ice so much! Yujing, Tainan produce lots and lots of mango, it’s so sweet and delicious!  It’s natural sweetness not chemical sweetness!  If you ever have a chance to come to Tainan you must really try it!  Especially in summer, it’s just too hot, eating mango ice is a must! 😋😋

YBB recommendation 3

Now I’d like to share chicken soup with Chinese medicine in Hutou Mountain, Tainan. We can enjoy the nature while eating delicious chicken soup. And I have only one word to say, that is, “COOL!”  While eating and listening to the Taiwanese folksongs and also bathing under the sun, it should be very nice if we came at night.

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YBB recommendation 4.

How can a tourist find attractions and the best traffic routes in Tainan?  I would recommend this 【Tainan Fun Card】, Malaysian tourist only have to present their passport and flight number in the Visitors Centre in the Tainan Train Station that is running by the Tourism Bureau. It’s a real good bargain! For more details, please refer to the following website:

YBB recommendation 5.

The most wonderful and fun activity in Tainan is having the chance to take the legendary mud hot spring bath, and I enjoyed the hot spring so much.  Besides being able to dip into the hot spring bath wearing bathing suits with my boyfriend, I actually felt that my skin improved after bathing. A lot of my dear friends asked me where did I went to for the mud hot spring?  I went to the Toongmao Resorts and Hotel, which they provided many kinds of hot spring. There are cold spring bath, bath with essence oil etc. They have about 5 or 6 different kinds of spring bath up and down in the area to try.  And the point is that, the price is very reasonable. It is my first time ever having such wonderful experience!  Of course, there are a lot of other spots with very good hot spring in Guanziling, you can always check the websites for details.


YBB recommendation 6.

This is one of my favorite shots he took for me.   After strolling the Anping old street, I suggest that everyone can come to the tree house nearby to take a picture or just see the view and have a very special kind of ice cream on the way.  The wall of the tree house is covered with many aerial roots of India Laurel Fig and the tree is really striving, it’s so cool to enjoy the excellent natural environment.  There are still quite a few places in the Anping District that is worth going for a walk. My good friends, you can refer to the website at the bottom of this page about trips in Tainan.


YBB recommendation 7.

I love the scenery of Tainan, and I have a kind of indescribable longing for suspension bridges. Do you share the same feeling with me? The Yaoyeh Suspension Bridge is the only one in Caoshan area, it is a very special place with fresh and quality air, and there are lots of small fishes swimming in the creek below the bridge. It is kind of very subtle feeling and this is a nice place to take a good picture.


YBB recommendation 8.

I will reveal a big secret of the latest spot for taking nice pictures in Tainan! This big fish is super artistic and with a very heartwarming name, called “Blessing from the whale.”  Tourists can climb up to view the beautiful Anping canal, besides enjoy the good view and taking pictures, it’s a nice place to take a walk, or flying a kite. A really excellent place to spend some leisure hours.

YBB recommendation 9.
Guess where is this place? I’ll bet you can’t get the right answer. This is the Tainan immigration office! I have to say that this is a very beautiful place to take a beautiful picture! It is already becoming the favorite IG check-in spot ^^ I have seen many beautiful young ladies dressed in British style to take picture in here, because this building is just magnificent!

YBB recommendation 10.
I am so in love with the natural environment of Tainan. Besides the good weather, you can easily find a good spot of nature anywhere you go, you can always take a picture that shows a very aesthetics feeling. This location is the Kapok Tree Road, in which you can see beautiful flower of the kapok trees and can find some of the cotton on the ground. It is truly a very spectacular place.


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