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Tainan City English Tourism Taxi Service

Taxi Service

In Tainan, you'll see taxies queuing at the main transportation spots such as train stations and the high-speed rail station, and the entrances of department stores and hotels. When the light on the cab's roof is lit up, it shows that the cab is ready to take new passengers. In the downtown area, you can hail a taxi on the curb as long as you see an available one by raising your hand. The taxi will pull over and let you get in.

You can also arrange a taxi service at the location you specify by making a domestic call to a Taiwanese taxi company. Not all of the taxi companies in Taiwan are able to communicate with their customers in English, most of Taiwanese taxi drivers are not able to speak in fluent English either. An alternative is to ask your hotel or Taiwanese friends to write down the address you are going to in Chinese for you and show it to the taxi driver. In most circumstances you can simply count on your Taiwanese drivers to take you to the destinations. Having a map in both Chinese and English by hand is helpful too.

4 things to tell a licensed taxi

  1. Bright yellow cars.
  2. Taxi driver's license is shown on the front and rear seats.
  3. Fares are determined by the meter.
  4. Red vehicle identification number are shown on the white car license plates.
Tainan City English Tourism Taxi Service


Fares are determined by the meter. NT$ 85 for the first 1.5 km and NT$ 5 for every 250 m afterward.
Most taxies only accept cash payment but some taxi companies accept credit cards.

  1. 20% surcharge for services during 11pm - 6am.
  2. NT$ 10 for using the trunk to place luggages.
  3. NT$ 50 per ride during the Lunar New Year.

Accredited English-speaking Taxi Drivers

The following 4 drivers have passed the English training program and examination initiated by Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau in 2016. These drivers have adequate English speaking skills. They are all employed by licensed taxi companies. Licensed taxi companies would apply GPS trace monitoring services on their cars and cover insurances of the customers and therefore further secure passengers' safety. You can contact these drivers directly if you need their services.

  • Joy Chang
  • Joy Chang

    Line ID:iihang
    what’s app:+886-975-112909
    Business Registration Certificate Number:D004175
    Employer Taxi Company:Daisuki Taxi
    Vehicle Type:TOYOTA WISH
    Vehicle Registration Number: TBR-199
  • Hello, I'm Joy, a local Tainan citizen who loves traveling. The sunrise, sunset, ancient city, lagoon and farm scenery are all famous in Tainan. I hope to guide everybody to see the most beautiful scenery my eyes have seen and share the most moving and interesting stories.
  • Chen Yong-Yu(Gramgo)
  • Chen Yong-Yu(Gramgo)

    Line ID:gramgo
    Wechat ID: jumpingfeet
    Business Registration Certificate Number:D003573
    Employer Taxi Company:Daisuki Taxi
    Vehicle Type:TOYOTA WISH
    Vehicle Registration Number: TDC-2190
  • Hi, I am Chen Yong-yu. I love travelling and taking photos. I am happy to show you the unknown scenes of the city.
  • Nicky Wu
  • Nicky Wu

    LLine ID: +886-976-722700
    Business Registration Certificate Number:D004122
    Employer Taxi Company:55688 Taiwan Taxi
    Vehicle Type:Volkswagen Caddy
    Vehicle Registration Number: 015-9F
  • Welcome to Tainan! I am Nicky and I am very familiar with streets and roads in downtown Tainan. My car is well-maintained and I like to drive safely.
  • Andy Wu
  • Andy Wu

    LLine ID:0982725355
    Wechat ID: a0982725355
    what's app: +886982725355
    Tel:+886-982-725355 / +886-961-232077
    FB:facebookFan page
    Business Registration Certificate Number:D004531
    Employer Taxi Company:Daisuki Taxi
    Vehicle Type:Ford Tournteo Custom 2.2
    Vehicle Registration Number: TDC-2555
  • I am your tour guide, Andy. Welcome to Tainan. Tainan is a wonderful and historic city. I will provide you the best service. Let's go!

If the 4 drivers are not getting back to you right away, you could also instead contact with their employer taxi companies or Tainan Rental Car Association to arrange the vehicles for you.

  • Driver photos

    Daisuki Taxi +886-6-3000000

  • Driver photos

    55688 Taxi +886-6-2450496

  • Driver photos

    Cheng Kung Taxi +886-926-368-859

  • Driver photos

    Metro Taxi +886-2-4499178

Tainan Rental Car Association

Drivers Friendly to English-speaking Tourists

The following drivers who finished basic English conversation training are recommended by Tainan City Government Transportation Bureau.

Questions & Feedbacks

  • If you have any questions about the service, please contact us via
  • If you encounter overcharging or law-breaking conducts, you are encouraged to write down the vehicle identification number on the license plate and make a complaint with the Tainan City Government Transportation Bureau via phone line: +886-6-2953221
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