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Natural Ecosystems

Indulge in the Feast of Natural Landscapes

Indulge in the Feast of Natural Landscapes

Tainan enjoys very rich natural resources and ecosystems of many kinds. The river ecosystem at the juncture of Zengwen River and the sea in particular attracts migratory birds to inhabit, such as black-faced spoonbills, one of the internationally endangered species, which periodically migrate here through the winter. And many other attractions with charming scenery by seas and rivers are especially right choices for tourists to escape from the summer heat. Take mangrove forests around the sea lagoons for example. Its one-and-only ecosystem with rivers along costal lines carrying lots of sand deposits happens to be a beneficial environment nurturing a rich collection of fish, shrimps, crabs, and shellfish. Little egrets and fiddler crabs are also among them.

A Great Geographic Location Close to Seas and Mountains

A Great Geographic Location Close to Seas and Mountains

Located in Southern West part of Taiwan, Tainan City is the center of Jianan Plain. And on the central west side of the city are Yanshui River and Zengwen River, both having increased a good amount of lands in recent 300 years. Lands here are all plain and excellent for crop produce. Lands in general are fairly flat in Tainan and with large and small rivers crossing over. On the east side of the city, there are mountains and hills stretching. Lining toward its west side reaching Taiwan Strait, there are coastal lines for about 40 kilometers long. Coastal areas in Tainan City were previously parts of Taijiang and Daofeng 300 hundred years ago. Because of sand deposits for long, gradually they became fish hatcheries and salt evaporation ponds.

  • Coastal wetland ecology

    Coastal wetland ecology

    The coast of Tainan City offers has an abundance of lagoon and sandbank geographical scenery, mangrove swamp and bird ecological scenery, salt fields, temples and coastal recreation areas, as well as the unusual sight created by the intertwined mangrove trees, the "green tunnel."

  • Bad Land

    Bad Land

    Caoshan Moon World in Zuozhen District is an area of mudstone terrain made up of sandstone and shale. It is joined to mudstone badlands in Neimen, Tianliao and Yanchao districts in Kaohsiung, and called chalk soil terrain.

Rich and Diverse Ecosystems

Rich and Diverse Ecosystems

The rivers along costal lines in Tainan carrying lots of sand deposits, that make up not only a good environment for growing mangrove forests, but also serve a perfect spot for birds watching. During the blooming season every year, plum flowers would eagerly blossom everywhere all over the mountains. With the green carpet of Jianan Plain on the west and the pleasant view of Zengwen Reservoir on the east, you'd thoroughly take in all striking natural attractions while walking down the path full of white plum blossoms.

  • Black-Faced Spoonbill

    Black-Faced Spoonbill

    Qigu Wetland at the mouth of the Zengwen River is a gathering place for the internationally protected bird the black-faced spoonbill. It is the site of a black-faced spoonbill (platalea minor) research unit of international importance that is used by conservation experts and academics from Taiwan and overseas for black-faced spoonbill research.

  • Orchid


    Taiwan's first orchid-themed exhibition hall, orchid cultivation standardized procedure display center, orchid culture product concept store and orchid-themed restaurant are all in Tainan. In-depth cultural tourism has made Taiwan the "moth orchid kingdom."

  • 木棉樹

    Red Silk-Cotton Trees

    When the kapok flowers at Linchupi in Baihe District and in Jiangjun District bloom every year, hordes of keen photographers are attracted. The narrow country roads lined with trees full of fire red kapok flowers look like endless golden tunnels.

  • Mangrove Forest

    Mangrove Forest

    On the coast, where the wind and waves are relatively small, a large number of floating islands, lakes and estuarine swamps can be seen. Mud and sand accumulate around the river mouth, providing the ideal conditions for mangrove trees to grow. The mangrove swamps hold a large amount of minerals and organic matter and are a paradise for mudskippers and fiddler crabs.

Beautiful and Breathtaking Natural Scenery in Tranquility

Beautiful and Breathtaking Natural Scenery in Tranquility

With Tainan's plentiful water resources, reservoirs here also become popular scenic spots. While tourists stay over those places, they could not only enjoy a forest bath, but also get to watch birds, flowers and stroll in the woods. And by breathing in fresh air and feasting your eyes on breathtakingly beautiful scenery here, it definitely helps release great tension of hectic city life.

  • Hot Spring

    Hot Spring

    Tainan's hot spring areas are well worth experiencing and include Guanziling Mud Hot Spring, Guidan Hot Spring Area and Liuchongxi Hot Spring in Nanxi District. The slightly alkaline carbonic acid spring water is relaxing and has health promoting properties.

  • Reservoir


    Tainan has many reservoirs including Zengwen, Wushantou, Nanhua, Baihe, Jianshanpi and Luliao reservoirs. It also has scenic pond attractions such as Hulupi, Hutoupi and Deyuanpi etc..

Romancing and Peaceful Marine World

Romancing and Peaceful Marine World

Coastal Lagoons are very unique geographic features in Tainan and they are another good spot for ecosystem observation as well as sightseeing. Chigu Lagoons occupy a pace of approximately 1,600 hectares. It used to be part of Taijiang Sea and ever since has got a nickname as "Neihaizai". Together with Wangzailiaoshan sandbar, coastal oaks, and beach morning glory grassland, they make coastal regions in Tainan overall a happy yet remote paradise with more exotic vibes and a romancing touch especially for nighttime.

  • Lagoon


    The best way to experience Qigu Lagoon is aboard a rubber raft. On the way, oyster rafts, fixed fishing nets and rich lagoon ecology can be seen. The mangrove swamp on the edge of the lagoon is full of egrets and fiddler crabs.

  • Coast


    Tainan has a long and winding coastal; the Gold Coast and he Sunset Platform at Anping exude ocean charm and are especially mesmerizing at night. Visitors can also go to Qigu View of the Sea Tower or Beimen Jing-Zai-Jiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields to view the lagoon scenery and enchanting sunset.

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