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Muslims from both inside and outside the country should not miss it! Tainan has obtained Halal certification. Check out the list of certified businesses.

Posted Date:2023-03-31



As the global pandemic subsides, travel between countries has become more closely connected and frequent. The Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau has seized this trend and opportunity by aligning with the government's New Southbound Policy, setting its sights on the international Muslim travel market. "Muslim" refers to believers of Islam, which, alongside Buddhism and Christianity, is one of the three major religions in the world. Currently, the number of believers has exceeded 1 billion, accounting for about 1/4 of the world's population, with more than 60% distributed in the Asia-Pacific region, and the number of Muslims in Indonesia alone has surpassed 200 million.

In the past, processed foods were less common and Muslims could judge whether food met Islamic dietary rules by its appearance. However, due to different laws in different countries, food labels may not list all ingredients in detail, and some ingredients may be listed by professional names that are not understandable to the general public. Additionally, some ingredients are combined under a single label, which may contain several raw materials. Therefore, it may be difficult for the general public to determine whether a food is suitable for Muslim consumption based on its appearance. In view of this, "Halal certification" has emerged internationally.

"Halal" is Arabic and originally means "lawful". In non-Muslim countries (where Muslims are the majority), "Halal" refers to things that comply with Islamic dietary rules and are suitable for Muslim consumption; while in Muslim countries, "Halal" not only refers to edible things, but also a way of life that complies with Islamic dietary rules. "Halal certification" is a certification system. Through auditing by local Muslim organizations, Islamic legal scholars, and food and nutrition professionals, food is ensured suitable for Muslim consumption.

Wei-Che Huang, the Tainan City mayor, stated that certified businesses and operators can obtain authorized labels marked as Halal, which can serve as a notice to consumers. This time, the Tourism Bureau, Tainan City Government, specifically surveyed the 19 businesses and operators in Tainan that have obtained Halal certification (the complete list is attached). The businesses certified including Tainan Wei-Yat Grand Hotel, Silks Place Tainan, Cambridge Hotel-Tainan, Salt Country House, Fairy Lake Leisure Farm B & B, Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, and so on. Establishing a Muslim-friendly tourism environment in Tainan can help increase Tainan's visibility in the Muslim tourism market.

Kuo-Hua Lin, acting director of the Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau, said that we have been continuously promoting Tainan to the international community, while also enhancing Tainan's ability to receive international tourists, and we hope to bring more business opportunities and development to Tainan. For this reason, Tainan also has hosted one event after another, such as the Yuguang Island Art Festival (3/24-4/16), the Xuejia Hollyhock Flower Cultural Festival at the Guanghua Neighborhood Activity Center in Xuejia District (2/25-4/23), the Happy City Romantic Getaways Photography event (3/9-5/14), and so on. Domestic and foreign friends are welcome to come to Tainan and join us! For more information about the events, follow the "Travel Tainan Website" and "Travel Tainan Facebook Fan Page" for updates on the latest and most popular activities and attractions!


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