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Visiting the Home of Taiwan's Largest Land Crab, the Brown Land Crab: Learning about Sustainability in the Spirit of Coexistence with the Sea

Posted Date:2022-08-14


Visiting the Home of Taiwan's Largest Land Crab, the Brown Land Crab


The second wave of the "2022 Tainan Marine Conservation" series, "Marine Conservation Parent-Child Education Course (The Distance Between the Ocean and Us)", was held today (8/14), with participants learning about marine environmental conservation and science. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-Che observed that while Taiwan is an island nation surrounded by the sea, but people are not close enough to the sea. Marine debris are peppered across our coastlines, and are gradually destroying the marine ecosystem, so learning how to live sustainably with the ocean is an issue we should all work on.

Today (8/14), Chao Jui-Kuang, a teacher who has long been concerned about the issue of marine debris, delivered a captivating talk to remind the public of the importance of marine sustainability and environmental friendliness, and that the protection of the ocean and marine life requires the joint efforts of you and I. In addition, Taijiang National Park is blessed with rich marine resources. Apart from the migratory birds that regularly stay in Taiwan for the winter and the wetland mangroves, the park is also home to the largest habitat and population of the largest land crab in Taiwan, the brown land crab (Cardisoma carnifex), making it a suitable environment for observing the ecology of land crabs. During the event, participants also followed the footsteps of the lecturer, "Crab Professor" Liu Hung-Chan, and visited the homes of these giant land crabs. While listening to the lecturer, the public also observed and understood their ecology and habitat with their own eyes. The event also attracted TV media to follow along with live commentary from Prof. Chen.

In September, the "Bazaar at the Beach" will also be held. In addition to the market activities, there are also cultural assets to explore, such as the "Turtle Reef Cultural Guide" and "Taiwan's First Salt Walking Route Guide". While visiting the market, visitors can also learn more about the human history and far-reaching implications of marine conservation in the Xishu community, with plenty of food, learning, fun, and shopping experiences. Finally, the "Recovering Beautiful Lost Items" marine debris art exhibition will invite the public to enjoy the transformation of marine debris into creative artworks, all are welcome to visit the exhibition.

Tainan Tourism Bureau Director-General Kuo Chen-Hui noted that the "2022 Tainan Marine Conservation" series of activities has entered the second phase - ocean conservation parent-child education courses were filled to capacity, and many parents brought their children along to participate, passing on knowledge to the next generation. We are grateful for the support of people from all over the world, so that marine conservation can continue to flourish. For more information, please follow the Facebook fan page "Tainan Travel" and "i Party Go", or visit the BeClass registration system: https://www.beclass.com/rid=2648b2862ccd99a3e11e. Tainan truly comes alive in summer with exciting activities. As part of the 2022 Qigu Seafood Festival, the "The Black-faced Spoonbill + Qigu Sea View Tower HAPPY Tour (2 sessions) on August 21 is still available for registration. The 2022 Tainan Summer Music Festival will be held from August 27 to August 28, and will include a live concert and an exciting fireworks show. Members of the public are invited to participate in related activities.



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