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Tainan selected for 2022 Michelin Guide for the first time with a total of 44 restaurants selected, the highest number of new selections in all of Taiwan.

Posted Date:2022-08-30


Tainan selected for 2022 Michelin Guide for the first time with a total of 44 restaurants selected


For the first time this year, world-class gourmet assessment organization Michelin Guide has included Tainan among the cities of assessment. A total of 27 restaurants in Tainan, famous for its snacks, received affirmation from Michelin Bib Gourmand. The judges also selected another 17 restaurants as Michelin recommendations, bringing the total number of restaurants receiving recognition to 44, making Tainan the city with the highest number of restaurants included as new selections. The selections include snacks, Taiwanese cuisine restaurants, hot pot, barbecue, seafood, continental cuisine, French cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Spanish cuisine, showing off the culinary variety of Tainan. Visitors are recommended to arrange multiple trips to Tainan to cover all corners in terms of Tainan delicacies and plan an exclusive Tainan food guide catered just for you.

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che said he is happy for the selected Tainan restaurants, but most of all, the familiar taste of “My Home Lane” forms the source of the greatest pride for local Tainan residents. There is an irreplaceable food paradise in the heart and mind of every Tainan resident. He congratulates the 27 restaurants selected for Bib Gourmand and the 17 restaurants selected for Michelin and says to obtain these results in the first year that Tainan is included in the Michelin assessment is something worth commending. Tainan is famous for its snacks and “alley delicacies” and has earned the honor of “capital of gourmet food” with its diverse food culture. To have 27 Tainan restaurants selected for Bib Gourmand in the first year is also proof of Michelin’s affirmation for Tainan snacks. As the former capital of Taiwan, Tainan has developed a unique food culture through the fusion of various cultures over 400 years. The abundant mountain crops, seafood and cooking techniques passed down over generations are all important elements that has earned Tainan the honor of “capital of gourmet food” and it is a major highlight for tourists to visit Tainan. In future, when pandemic restrictions are lifted, overseas tourists visiting Tainan can get to know its cultural depths and diverse food culture through the Michelin Guide.

Tainan Tourism Bureau Director-General Kuo Chen-hui said that the Michelin Guide assessment was a major challenge for local Tainan F&B operators. For the first assessment this year, a total of 44 restaurants were selected, including 27 Bib Gourmand selections: A-ming Pig Heart Glass Noodles, A-hsing Porridge, Amei Restaurant, EPI Seafood House, Eight Treasure Shaved Ice Dessert, Luo Cheng Rice Cake, Po-Jen Store, Little Park Danzai Noodles, Traditional Tainan Feast, Zhu Xin Ju, and Dong Xiang Taiwanese and Seafood Cuisine and 17 Michelin selections: Bistro Alley, Principle, Di Yi Ding, Xinxin Restaurant, Zai Fa Hao, Gan Zhi Tang, Pankoko, Hunan Cuisine Salon, A-tsun Beef Soup (Bao’an Road), Lao Zeng Lamb, Jin Xia Restaurant, Jing Hua Milkfish, Feng’s Seafood House, Niu Wu Zang, A-yu Beef (Kunlun Road), Como en casa gourmet and Wang Ja Smoked Lamb, covering both old stores with decades of history and new innovative restaurants, enriching Tainan food culture with their culinary variety. All are welcome to come and have a taste!

Director-General Kuo said that for Tainan restaurants, the experience of being assessed for the first time is a learning process. Talks were held to honor the experts, inviting former Michelin Star awarded business owners to share their growth experience from being selected to being awarded. Tainan City announced today that 17 restaurants have become Michelin-selected restaurants and a total of 44 stores have won over the judges in the Michelin assessment this time, showing the unlimited potential of Tainan restaurants. In future, the Tainan City Government will continue to hold various learning exchange programs and talks, so that Tainan stores can continue to improve and grow.

The Tourism Bureau also said that, as commented by many gourmet experts, there were still too many Tainan restaurants that got away for the 2022 Michelin Guide selection. Aside from the restaurants selected this time, the 37 districts of Tainan are home to too many hidden restaurants serving delicious food waiting to be discovered. In conjunction with the news of selected stores for 2022 Michelin Guide, the Tourism Bureau will also optimize the Tainan Michelin Carnival platform in rolling out the “Tainan Michelin Gourmet Star Journey” website, enabling local and overseas tourists to easily search for Michelin-selected stores as well as Tainan food of various districts on the platform and will continue to assist business operators in building online exposure. We look forward to working with the local F&B industry and Tainan food lovers to push Tainan cuisine onto the world stage.



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