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2022 Tainan Summer Activities for Dummies: Water play, clamming, Chinese Valentine’s, music, fireworks, food, exhibitions and sweet treats.

Posted Date:2022-07-16


2022 Tainan Summer Activities for Dummies


Tainan is the most fun for the summer vacation! Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che pointed out that from the "Ghosts and Hells: the Underworld in Asian Art" exhibition, the "Tainan Chihsi Festival" and the "Grande Experiences Van Gogh Alive" exhibitions, to water recreation activities, the "Tainan Shopping Festival," the "U-12 Baseball World Championship" and the "Tainan Summer Music Festival - General’s Roar," the most exciting events before the end of the summer holidays are all in Tainan. Whether you are bored by remote courses or just need a breath of fresh air, come join us in Tainan and have a fulfilling and unforgettable vacation.


Director-General Kuo Chen-Hui of the Tainan City Tourism Bureau also noted that in addition to the Ghosts and Hells exhibition, there is also a guided tour of the story of Chen Shou-Niang, the most powerful female ghost in the region, in Tainan during the seventh lunar month. All visitors are welcome to test your courage in Tainan. In addition, there are also exciting events for young and old alike, such as the Cigu Seafood Festival, the Xinying Sweet Festival and the Salt Sculpture and Light Sculpture Art Festival, which should not be missed. We remind everyone to take precautionary measures during the holidays, including completing COVID-19 vaccinations, wearing masks, washing hands and disinfecting them regularly and keeping a safe social distance. The city government encourages visitors to make use of the "Taiwan Social Distancing App."


[Healthy and Happy Summer Vacation]

Tainan Cigu Seafood Festival (7/9-8/27)

This year will see the expansion of the popular Cigu Seafood Festival. Although all four of the clamming experience sessions are fully booked, there are still 10 tours of Cigu that can be signed up for and seats for a "Seven-Treasure Banquet" on 8/27 with 100 tables will be available for purchase online on 7/26. Seafood lovers: don’t miss out on this event!


Xinying Sweet Festival (7/16~7/17, 7/30-7/31)

This summer's most chill outdoor event, the Xinying Sweet Festival, will satisfy all your cravings for fun and enjoyment! The festival includes "I have a date with my youth" at Swan Lake in Xinying on 7/16 and 17 and "Summer Family Fun" at the Railway Cultural Park on 7/30 and 31. There will be a variety of booths, stage performances and creative activities, which is perfect for children of all ages to come together and have fun.


2022 Tainan Chihsi Festival (7/23-8/14)

The Tainan Chihsi Festival has been leading people to get to know the city's past through "Old School Dating" since 2020. This year, the finale of Old School Dating will be the "Love’s Fortune-telling BAR" interactive experience exhibition, "Love’s Eight Characters" tour of Tainan, "Love BAR" limited-edition breakfast bar, "No Friends Today Bar" joint activity and "2022 Old School Dating Day." The activities will allow everyone to experience the charming old school vibes of Tainan with romance in the air!


2022 Salt Sculpture and Light Sculpture Art Festival (7/2-8/31)

During the day, a salt sculpture exhibition is held at the Salt Mountain in Qigou and at night, a light sculpture art show was held at the salt field in Jingzaijiao Tiled Salt Fields in Beimen. This year, for the first time, the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration is collaborating with "Very Miss Rabbit" to create a cosmic-themed scene at the Salt Mountain in Cigu under the theme of "Salt Universe. "12 imaginative salt sculptures in the style of a "maze" were created, featuring the iconic scenic spots and local ecology of Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan. In Taiwan's oldest surviving salt pans at Jingzaijiao, the gorgeous light sculpture visual art show is a perfect complement to the sunset view.


Tainan City Water Recreation Experience Activity-Sikunshen Ecological Exploration (8/27-28, 9/3-4)

The "2022 Tainan City Water Recreation Experience Program" is being held for four days at the Sikunshen Longshan Temple. By joining the event, you can paddle a kayak around the mangrove forest of Sikunshen, tour the ecology of the water and land settlements and learn more about the culture and characteristics of the local fishing villages in Sikunshen. After the summer vacation, there will be sessions at the Golden Coast on 9/17 and 9/18 and in Deyuanpi on 10/1, 10/2, 10/8, 10/9 and 10/10.


Tainan Summer Music Festival (8/27 - 8/28)

The Tainan Summer Music Festival is the most highly anticipated summer festival every year and it will be held for two days at the vibrant Jiangjun Fishing Port. The first day is the "Summer High Concert" and the second day is the "Sunset Breeze Lyric Concert" with exciting fireworks after the concert. If you want to know the details the performance lineup and the other activities, please stay tuned to the Tainan Travel website and the official Facebook fan page!


[Test your Courage on Ghost Month]

Ghosts and Hells: the Underworld in Asian Art (6/25-10/16)

This summer, the most popular "Zombie Exhibition" will be held at the Tainan Art Museum Building 2. The museum is responding to public opinion by launching a special event in Ghost Month, "Ghosts and Hells: the Underworld in Asian Art - Hundred Ghosts Cosplay Midnight Special", remember to form a team and sign up if you love to showcase your style! The exhibition introduces the fear and imagination of the unknown world in many Asian countries over the centuries, as well as exhibits and cultural and historical materials from the local Xuejia Tzu Chi Temple in Tainan. The National Museum of Taiwan History's collection of "The Hanging Scrolls of the Ten Temples of Hell" will also be unveiled to the public for the first time and will be available for viewing by appointment only from 7/1 onwards.


"Tainan's Most Powerful Female Ghost Tour" will be held every Saturday from 7/30 (during the seventh month of the lunar calendar).

Chen Shou-Niang, one of the three most bizarre haunted cases in Tainan, is the most powerful female ghost in Taiwan as she fights with the folk deity Guang Ze Zun Wang. The activity lets the public know more about the other side of Tainan. The first session will be held on 7/30 at 4:00 p.m. and online registration will be held on July 18 at 8:00 a.m. For the latest information, please visit the official Tainan Travel website.


"Digital Formations: Temple Formations and Their Places of Origin" (available through 12/31)

The Tainan Yizhen at the Siao-Long Cultural Park adopted advanced technology to introduce traditional folk culture, presenting the contemporary geography, changing formations and movement of Tainan's temple parade formations through immersive images, and taking visitors into the world of classic formations such as Song Jiang Formation, White Crane Formation, Grannies Formation, Golden Lion Formation, Family General Formation and Imperial Musicians Formation, exploring traditional formations and their places of origin. There are also artifacts such as musical instruments and face masks. Admission is free to the public, allowing visitors to learn about temple formation culture up close.


[Fill your Stomachs at Taiwan’s Food Capital]

2022 Tainan Day Pass (7/1-9/30)

To revitalize domestic travel and in response to the Central Government's domestic tourism revitalization program on July 15, from 7/1 to 9/30, if you stay in a legal accommodation in Tainan in line with the campaign rules, scan the QR Code of the hotel operator and enter your stay information to receive a "2022 Tainan Day Pass," an electronic coupon for free public transport rides on the Greater Tainan Bus, including e-coupons for food, lodging, sightseeing, shopping and travel and more! More than 1,000 companies will participate in the e-coupon drawing and more than 300 exciting prizes are waiting for you to take home!


Tainan Foodie Tour (July 2022 to September 2022)

When you come to Tainan, the food capital, be prepared to fill your stomachs! Along the five "Tainan Foodie Tour" routes, which are located in the south and north of Tainan, follow Korean YouTuber Dada Kim, who lives in Tainan and eats all the food in Tainan; Jeremy Lin, former chef of the Michelin-starred Eight Tables Restaurant in San Francisco; popular YouTuber Lei Lei (Lei Lei TV), famous travel writer Huang Yu-Ching (Ah Chun Ba in Tainan) and food blogger Chen Yu-Chih (@tainanfood_dczhi/) and many other foodies will guide you on a flash tour to eat all kinds of delicious Tainan food and enjoy all the major scenic spots in Tainan. The event is now fully booked, but everyone is welcome to sign up for the waiting list or take a foodie tour of Tainan.


Tainan International Mango Festival (7/2-7/23)

The "Follow Mango - Experience Light Travel with Mango Farmers" will be held for four consecutive weekends from July 3 in six mango-producing regions. All available spots were fully booked on the day of registration and there were also exhibitions and sales activities in the Dadong Night Market (7/8), Nanhua District (7/16) and Danei District (7/17), so all visitors are welcome to come and taste the most delicious mango ice dessert in Tainan.


Tainan Shopping Festival (7/14-12/31)

Register your invoice to participate in the monthly prize draw for prizes with a combined value over NT$3 million when you spend NT$100 or more in Tainan! This year, the Tainan Shopping Festival is also offering 18 major offline activities and 6 online promotional campaigns. The first wave of the warm-up registration lucky draw (7/14-8/31) includes several prizes for land (motorcycles), sea (Argo Yacht tours) and air (air tickets) and the biggest prize of all; a combo prize for land, sea and air tours. In August, 25 lucky winners will be drawn each week and will receive NT$2,000 in food coupons. In addition, special events include the Internet Celebrities Market to be held on 9/17, a one-day store manager experience for children to be held on 11/12, as well as Christmas market booths and stage activities for parents and children!


Local Revitalization Voucher Bonus Discounts (1/1-8/31)

As many as 50 businesses in the Greater Tainan area are offering additional benefits with the Local Revitalization Voucher. No prize drawing is required, simply bind the bank cards of either one of 21 participating banks with the Taiwan Mobile Payment App (Taiwan Pay) and get a 30% rebate on each purchase at partner stores where the Local Revitalization Voucher can be used, with savings up to a maximum of NT$6,000! (The rebate will be awarded in the month following the month of transaction. Please visit the official website of Local Revitalization Voucher for the list of partner stores and designated financial institutions)


Tainan Fried Chicken Festival (7/30-7/31)

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store‧Tainan Xintiandi invites all the famous fried chicken stores in southern Taiwan to converge in one location to create the biggest fried chicken festival in Tainan. Major famous beer brands will also set up booths for a delicious, fun and slightly tipsy party!


Tainan Burger Festival (8/5-8/7)

The "2022 Tainan Burger Festival" to be held for the 4th time, will gather nearly 20 famous local burger pros and flash burger food trucks at Silks Place Tainan, offering over 50 burgers to choose from! There are also limited edition burgers made with Tainan's special ingredients, featuring the unique flavors of Tainan. Open-air dining, music shows, circus performances and family fun are set to create a grand burger picnic carnival!


[More exciting events]

2022 Siraya Summer Autumn Festival (6/16-10/2)

The Siraya National Scenic Area presents the "Siraya Summer Autumn Festival" with three special events, including the "Ice Festival" (7/2) at Zhongzheng Road (Ice Dessert Street) in Yujing District, the "Guanziling Summer Mountain Bike Festival" (7/22) at Baoquan Park in Guanziling and the "Erliao Dawn Cloud and Sea Concert and Stargazing Event" (8/13-8/14) at the Erliao Sunrise Platform. iPhone prize giveaways are also drawn every month. What are you waiting for? Come chillax at Siraya!


Grande Experiences Van Gogh Alive (6/24~10/2)

The exhibition, which has attracted millions of visitors worldwide, will be held at the Culture Hall on the 13th floor of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's Tainan Zhongshan Store this summer. A total of 3,000 works and precious images, including "Sunflowers," "Starry Night" and "Wheat Field with Crows" by Van Gogh, will be projected on a giant 5-meter moving image screen, accompanied by classical music by Schubert and Bach, as well as different front, middle and back scents, leading visitors to experience Van Gogh in a new multi-sensory experience. In addition, the live-action art installation "Sunflower Mirror House" allows flowers to be reflected through the surrounding mirrors, extending and rendering 360 degrees infinitely. Another live-action installation, "Café Terrace at Night," recreates the mood of summer nights in southern France and uses moving images of Van Gogh's classic paintings to create a fantasy world through immersive projection.


2022 Tsung-Yeh Japanese Culture Festival (7/9-9/11)

2022 marks the 10th year of the "Tsung-Yeh Japanese Culture Festival." The city's Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Taiwan-Japan Friendship of Culture Exchange Foundation of Tainan City have invited Yamaguchi Prefecture, with whom the Tainan City Council has established a friendly relationship last year, to collaborate and exhibit more than 90 pieces of 12 types of crafts from Japan. The exhibition will be held on the red floor of the Grandfather Arts Center. This includes National-grade traditional crafts such as Ouchi lacquerware, Hagiyaki pottery and Akama inkstone, as well as goldfish lanterns with a super "adorable (kawaii)" shape, are on display on the red building of the Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center.


The 6th WBSC U12 Baseball World Championship (7/29~8/7)

The long-anticipated U-12 WBSC U12 Baseball World Championship will be held at the Asia Pacific International Baseball Training Center, with Little League main and auxiliary baseball fields. This year, the Chinese Taipei team is chanting the slogan "Challenge the World Without Fear," hoping that the young players can successfully win back-to-back championships and keep the gold medal at home in Taiwan. Teams from 12 countries across five continents, including the United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Italy, Czech Republic, South Africa, Guam, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, will converge in Tainan to compete for the winning title in the Little League World Cup.


Icons and Identities: Masterpieces of Portraiture (2022/8/27-2023/2/28)

From Shakespeare, Newton and Darwin to the Beatles and Ed Sheeran, these portraits are all national treasures from the National Portrait Gallery of the U.K., and will be on display at the Chi Mei Museum for the first time. We invite you to travel across 500 years to Great Britain to experience the self-portraits and profound life of 100 iconic people.


Visitors are kindly reminded to check the official Facebook page or on-site information to find out if the event has been postponed or cancelled due to the epidemic or other force majeure factors. You can also refer to the official Tainan Travel website and the official Tainan Travel Facebook page or download the "Travel Tainan App" and let Sababoy guide you to explore Tainan.


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