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Presentation on Tainan's West Coast Expressway Cigu Water and Land Recreation Plan Held, Aiming to Create a Tourism and Recreation Highlight for Westernmost Lagoon and Sandbar

Posted Date:2022-07-14


Presentation on Tainan's West Coast Expressway Cigu Water and Land Recreation Plan Held


Tainan's West Coast Expressway offers rich and diversified tourism and recreational resources, which also drive the development of local industries. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che instructed the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government that the planning of Tainan's coastal recreation and tourism vision is a key policy directive of the city government. Therefore, after the completion of the planning for the South District and Anping District last year (2021), the city government plans to conduct a survey and planning for the coastal recreation axis along the West Coast Expressway (Provincial Highway 61), specifically in the areas of Beimen, Jiangjun, Cigu and Annan District in 2022. The city government is especially grateful to the Ocean Affairs Council for its continuous funding, support and guidance, as well as the excellent results of the city government team's implementation. Through close cooperation with the central government, the Tainan City Government will complete the entire Greater Tainan coastal recreation corridor tourism development to meet local needs and expectations.


On May 18, 2022, the overall planning of the coastal waterfront and land recreation axis along the West Coast Expressway was preceded by a local briefing session held in Qinkunshen, which received strong local support and enthusiastic responses from representatives and locals. In order to fully consider and respond to the deep-seated needs and expectations of local residents, the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government held an additional local briefing session on July 14, 2022 at the Zhongliao Community Activity Center in Cigu District. The professional team proposed to integrate the marine education, tourism, recreation and service functions of Nanwan Pier to become a relay station of environmental education ecology and promote the unique features of the outdoor geological museums in the westernmost lagoon and sandbar. The meeting also discussed the implementation strategies of the existing bikeways and recreational boats and the introduction of various special equipment.


The meeting was attended by city councilors Tsai Chiu-Lan, Chen Kun-He,  Tsai Su Chiou-Jin, Cigu District Chief Yen Wen-Sui, and Huang Chin-Shih, the president of the Association of Borough Chiefs, all of whom are concerned about local development. Representatives from the Legislator Service Offices of Legislators Chen Ting-Fei, as well as that of the city councilor Hsieh Tsai-Wang and Fang Yi-Feng were all present. Representatives from the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration and the Taijiang National Park Administration, as well as many local workers in related fields also attended the meeting to share their views and opinions on the project. A wide range of professional opinions were received to build a consensus on the project, which will be used as a reference for the subsequent promotion of the project.


Director-General Kuo Chen-Hui of the Tourism Bureau said that the "Tainan West Coast Expressway Coastal Sea and Land Recreation Axis Master Plan" has now completed its interim review and is entering the next phase. The project will propose concrete and specific sightseeing infrastructure for each district in order to facilitate funding from the central government. Under the leadership of Director-General Chen Yu-Chuan, the administration of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration is also actively implementing the "Key Plan for the Tainan Region of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area" and will carry out more detailed planning and propose a phased development concept for the area around Guosheng Lighthouse. In the future, through the cooperation between the central and local governments and mutual coordination, the overall tourism development of the Greater Tainan Coastal Recreation Corridor will certainly be exciting and promising. We sincerely recommend you to come and enjoy the coastal flavors of Tainan.


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