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Tae Hitoto to Continue as Tainan City's Goodwill Ambassador: Tainan Hopes to Sustain Friendship between Taiwan and Japan and Jointly Promote Post-Pandemic International Tourism in Tainan

Posted Date:2022-07-25


Tainan City's Goodwill Ambassador:Tae Hitoto


Since being invited to be the first Goodwill Ambassador of Tainan City in 2015, Taiwanese-Japanese writer Tae Hitoto has been devoted to promoting Tainan tourism, often sharing the beauty of Tainan on her personal online column and Twitter account. The Tainan City Government today announced that Tae will continue her role for the fifth consecutive time. With a stage play Tae is performing in, “A Suitcase of Memories” set to be performed at the Tainan Cultural Center, the Tourism Bureau of the Tainan City Government held a press conference for the appointment of Tainan Goodwill Ambassador Tae Hitoto and the promotion of Tainan of the stage play at the Tainan Formosa Yacht Resort today (July 25). The Mayor of Tainan City, Huang Wei-Che, presented the letter of appointment to Tae, thanking her for her selfless support to Tainan and the Director-General of the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government, Kuo Chen-Hui, also presented a folding fan with Tainan's tourism mascot, the Sababoy to Tae, with the hope of continuing the friendship between Taiwan and Japan and to join hands with Japan to promote post-pandemic international tourism in Tainan at this key moment when the borders of various countries will soon be opened. Tainan City Councilors Kuo Kuo-Wen, Shen Chen-Tung, CEO Khan Lee and Vice CEO Chen Huan-Hua of the Image and Imagine Foundation for Culture and Arts, Chairman Dai Yong-Ming of the Tainan Culture and Tourism Industries Association, Chairman Liang Chin-Sheng of the Tainan Tourism Factory Association, Chairman Tsai Cheng-Hung of the Tainan Travel Agent Association and Chairman Wu Chun-Tai of the Tainan Hotel Business Association were also present to witness the appointment ceremony.


Mayor Huang pointed out that he was glad to have the opportunity to present the appointment letter to Tae Hitoto in person today. Looking back at the city's past cooperation with Tae, it is evident to all that she has continued to promote Tainan in her writings and personal social media posts. Through her role as a goodwill ambassador, she has promoted exchanges between Tainan and Japan on many levels and across many areas, including tourism, humanities and the arts. He welcomed Tae "home" and thanked her for not only coming back to Tainan herself, but also bringing the quality stage play "A Suitcase of Memories" to Tainan, bringing Tainan's tourism, arts and culture to newer heights.


Director-General Kuo Chen-Hui of the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government said that this is the fifth time that Tainan City has appointed Tae as Tainan City's Goodwill Ambassador. During the past cooperation, Tae has published books featuring Tainan, such as "My Tainan: Tae Hitoto’s Chronicles of Tainan" and "When Do We Go to Tainan?" In 2016, she invited a Japanese production team to Tainan to shoot the autobiographical film "What's for Dinner, Mom?" and was also the speaker of the Red Chair Tourism Club's "Fatigue Elimination Tour." It can be said that she has contributed a lot to tourism in Tainan.   With the gradual lifting of border restrictions by many countries worldwide, the Tourism Bureau thanks Tae for continuing her role as Tainan’s goodwill ambassador and looks forward to cooperating with Tae to promote post-pandemic international tourism from Japan to Tainan.


The Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government also stated that the press conference is not only the appointment ceremony of Tainan Goodwill Ambassador Tae Hitoto, but also to promote the stage play "A Suitcase of Memories" where Tae is performing, with Tainan City as the final stop of the play’s global tour. The show will be performed for three consecutive days from August 5 to 7 at the Tainan Cultural Center Performance Hall. We sincerely invite those who have not yet seen the event or want to see it again to purchase tickets without hesitation. Tainan is also launching a summer campaign to embrace the post-epidemic economy. The “2022 Tainan Day Pass” was officially launched on July 1. During the campaign period, visitors can get a free “Tainan Day Pass” by staying at a participating hotel or B&B and collecting stamps, with more than 100 kinds of exclusive benefits and e-vouchers for food, accommodation, travel, shopping and transportation. In addition, in line with the most popular TV drama series “Mad Doctor," the "Made Doctor Food Promo Campaign" has been launched. Anyone who presents the "Mad Doctor Filming Spot Guide Map" and spends money at the participating stores will receive exclusive discounts. The Tainan Shopping Festival has also kicked off. You can register your invoice when you spend over NT$100 in Tainan with a simple scan on the app for the chance to win great prizes. The Local Revitalization Voucher is also offering an additional benefits, which can be easily enjoyed by using Taiwan Pay and binding a bank card. People are welcome to visit Tainan in early August to follow the TV series while traveling and check out specialty revitalization stores in Tainan.


For more information about Tainan tourism, please visit the official Tainan Tourism website.


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