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Two Great Offers for Arts in Tainan between May ~ June




Two Great Offers for Arts in Tainan between May ~ June


Fort the first time ever, #FreeAdmission will be offered at five historic and cultural sites (including Anping Fort, Eternal Golden Castle,Chikan Tower,Anping Tree House, and the 1661 Taiwan Warship Museum newly opened in February this year) from Monday to Friday between May and June (weekdays only. Dragonboat Festival on June 7 counts as a public holiday).


Present a paper receipt from staying at legal hotel accommodation in Tainan between May and June this year at the five sights above redeem limited edition #ConfuciusSnackNoodles or #GrandMatsuPeaCrackers (Receipts over NT$2,000 can redeem two servings, receipts over NT$3,000 can redeem three servings, and so on).

首次於5-6月週一至週五(#限平日,6月7日端午節屬假日)全面開放五處古蹟文化收費景點 #免門票入場(包含安平古堡、億載金城、赤崁樓、安平樹屋、以及今年二月剛開幕的1661台灣船園區)
憑今年5-6月住宿台南合法旅宿之住宿紙本單據,還可至上面五處景點換只有台南古蹟買得到的限定商品 #至聖點心麵 或 #天后豌豆酥一份喔(住宿單據金額2000元以上可兌換2份古蹟限定商品、3000元以上可兌換3份,以此類推)



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