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Taiwan International Orchid Show



Taiwan International Orchid Show


"Tainan is home to a thriving orchid industry due to its climate and weather. Butterfly orchids from the city in particular account for around 30% (52 ha) of Taiwan’s total butterfly orchid production. “Tainan Orchid Plantation”, the only orchid industrial park in Taiwan, is also located in the Houbi District of Tainan City. Once the Plantation is fully developed, Tainan City’s share of the market will undoubtedly increase and make it the most important orchid butterfly growing area in the world.

The diverse exhibits and activities surrounding Taiwan International Orchid Show aim to energize the orchid industry, promote international trade and support technology exchange. It has also evolved from a traditional trade show aimed at retail consumers into a mix of retail and trade to provide exhibitors with a platform for commercial negotiations and matchmaking. The annual orchid show also features many large floral art installations that compete for visitors’ attention. Rare and unusual orchids are on display along with all kinds of orchid products and materials.

The buzz generated by the Taiwan International Orchid Show each year not only provides a boost to the industry but also generates opportunities for the tourism market. The annual orchid show features large floral art installations as well as rare orchid species. Orchids cultivated at great effort by farmers also compete for the crown. Corporate displays, art installations, and high-tech artworks that incorporate orchid flowers have also been added in recent years. The new additions not only serve as a showcase for creativity and craftsmanship but also enrich the diversity of the orchid show."


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