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Eminent Creative Luggage Tourist Factory

Friday:08:00 – 16:30





Beautiful installation art aplenty, snap away at an exotic scenic yacht installation.

Create your own DIY luggage

The only luggage-themed tourist factory in Taiwan


Taiwan’s Only Luggage-Themed Tourist Factory
It is the only luggage-themed tourist factory in Taiwan, directly operated by Taiwan’s largest international luggage manufacturer. The tourist factory occupies a large area, and in addition to the special bubble house on the grass at the entrance, there is also a market and family activities held from time to time. There are nine themed areas within the factory, so visitors can freely follow the themed routes or just walk around the factory. If you are coming in a group, you can also reserve a tour guide to provide you with a guided tour. In addition to simply visiting the exhibits, visitors can also make their own DIY luggage! In addition to the more affordable price, it is also a perfect activity for parents and children to co-create a customized luggage. In addition, there is a luggage theater, allowing visitors to quickly understand the past and present life of luggage in three minutes. There is even a test corridor with strict testing equipment to test and prove the durability of the luggage.
行李箱零件介紹Dream Pier That Seems to Take you Abroad
On the shore of the artificial lake next to the entrance plaza, you will see a conspicuous white yacht, which is the famous photo spot of the tourist factory, "Dream Pier". Costing over NT$10 million, the luxury yacht not only can be seen from afar, but also allows visitors to take pictures to experience the feeling of going abroad. With the guidance of the staff, visitors can step onto the snow-white hull of the boat, and can choose to experience the scenery on the captain’s seat, or visitors can head to the front of the yacht to take a stunning snapshot. There is a Dream Café next to the pier where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, gaze at the distance and enjoy the scenery in front of you, as if you were on a vacation abroad.
遠近馳名的遊艇拍照區Stylish Luggage & Wide Variety of Landscape Art Installations
There are many photo spots in the tourist factory, and this bubble house is a must-see! If you step inside the transparent bubble house on the large grass field, you can also spot a cute unicorn and the blue and white fantasy ball pool, and if you step inside and take a picture with the unicorn, you will find that you can take a picture of the tourist factory building as a backdrop. Inside the tourist factory, there is a modern and scaled astronaut figure, echoing Eminent’s corporate ethos of "Travel Around the World". In addition, all kinds of luggage products can be found, from mailboxes on the roadside to backdrops, and it is fun to look for them while touring. With so many photo spots and scenic spots, you'll be able snap away to your heart’s content!
以萬國為概念打造For travelers, luggage is not only packed with bags and goods, but also full of memories and expectations of travel.  If you want to have a deeper understanding of luggage, why not come to the Eminent Interactive Luggage World and explore the world of luggage?


Address No. 1, Section 2, Zhongzheng South Road,, Guiren Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

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