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Dalongtian Ecological Culture Park




Dalongtian Cultural and Ecological Park is a forest park planned and constructed by the Guantian District Office. The park occupies an area of more than 9 hectares, with about 1,300 banyan trees, mahogany trees, mango trees, etc. growing in abundance. In addition to the dense foliage, the park also preserves the remains of the original military barracks. The Park is less than 300 meters from the Longtian Station, making it suitable for walking and relaxing.



The park is located across the street from the Guantian District Office, and was originally an abandoned barracks, with large spaces left unused and fenced off from public access. After the original fence was removed, all the existing trees inside were preserved and pruned. Some of the understory space was also paved with charcoal from water chestnut shells  and the forest landscape was redesigned; the original barracks walls, posts, and monuments were left in place and repaired. The Park also features wooden boardwalks, recreational seats, and a tree house. The drainage system of the central lawn has also been improved.


The park is connected to the learning resources of nearby schools to create a base for environmental education and creative learning, and based on the concept of constructing a “Green Foundation” and “Urban Sponge”, it links urban routes to create a green leisure space of trees and lawns for the local community.



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