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Liantan is located in the northmost of Baihe District in Tainan City. It is the place of origin of Baihe lotus flowers. With the Bajiang River in the north and across from the Shuishang Township in Chiayi, it occupies an area of 3.62km2. Liantan and Guangan were the true places of origin of the lotus flowers from Baihe. Liantan as a high yield of lotus flowers, particularly in the northeast of Sishijiucong and Tianyang of Liantan, where lotus flowers are everywhere, spectacular.  Marshes, ponds, and muddy coils favoring lotus growth are often found in the mixed soil plain. Therefore, it is named “Liantan” according to the “lotus from lake” scene. Liantan is one of the four communities in the area. Due to is geographical name, the place is called “homeland of lotus”. After the re-zoning of administrative district, “Liantan” became a borough name from a community name. It is the only geographical name in Baihe associated with “lotus”. Liantan Community is a typical rural community. On the green plain stand a number of hills. Residents in the area have been farming there for generations. People of this agricultural community is simple, hard-working, and thrifty. The lotus is the local major crop. As the lotus is growing at different times, visitors can see beautiful lotus flowers from April to October. Picking lotus flowers and peeling off lotus in summer, and digging lotus root and sun-drying lotus-root noodles in winter are the common daily life scenes in this community.


TEL +886-6-6876776

Address Baihe Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Eco-Tour

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