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Taijian National Park Administration: Visitor Center & Administration Center Park(台江國家公園管理處遊客中心暨行政中心園區)

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The Sicao fish farm area located between north of Sicao Boulevard and the Yanshui River was established in January 13, 2006. In addition to preserving the native landscapes and terrains, the “stilt house” structure is adopted to avoid massive landscape damage. In the area, there are canals linking individual fish farms and connecting to the neighboring Chianan irrigation system to form a natural tidal effect for refreshing water, in order to provide plankton, fish, shrimps, and shellfish cultured in the area with a quality water environment and a best site for visitors to observe the fish farm ecology.

In addition, for visitors to further understand the history, culture, and industry of Taijiang, the idea of the “Taijiang Island” has been developed according to the “Taijian ancient map”. Through observing the context of existing settlements and with the microclimate simulation software, this idea is conceptualized into the miniature of the history, culture, ecology and industrial characteristics of Taijiang with flatlands, alleys and lanes, buildings of different sizes corresponding to local wind directions and insolation patterns, and the native habitats maintained in the preserved existing mixed wood forest system.


TEL 06-2842600

Address 四草大道118號, Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Recreational Agriculture And Fishing

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