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Navy Destroyer Museum(安平定情碼頭-德陽艦園區)

Traveler rating:4 47 Reviews

Monday:09:00 – 19:00





The “DDG-925 TeYang” museum ship is the most popular attraction in Anping Harbor and the only warship museum in Taiwan. DDG-925 was decommissioned in 2009 after nearly 30 years of service and docked at Anping Harbor for conversion into a warship museum for educational use. DDG-925 is now not only popular with military tourists. Photographers are also drawn to its formidable lines. 




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  • Stephen V

    Brisbane, Australia

    Traveler type:


    Interesting look into history

    Traveler rating:5 2018-04

    Personally I found this very interesting even though I'm not particularly a fan of maritime history. The ship has been restored very well and there is a lot of information throughout on it's history, both in Chinese and English. From memory, entry is only about $NT50 which is very reasonable.
  • KayeeHo

    Hong Kong, China

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    夕陽下的德陽艦 Deyang Destroyer in Sunset 夕方の空の下で、徳陽艦

    Traveler rating:5 2016-06

    德陽艦屬於驅逐艦,於1977件投入服役,2005年除役。(這都是很容易在網路上找到的信息。) 作為一名普通市民的我,平時跟本沒有機會接觸軍艦,所以趁此機會去參觀一下,親身感受一下軍艦裡面是怎樣的。 軍艦中的設施都保養得不錯,而且相比很多只能看不能坐的,這裡就對來客很友善,大家是可以坐在各設備,模仿一下當時海軍的情況。因此體驗時也應該小心愛護它。 我覺得最美的德陽艦是在夕照下的它!從德陽艦身上看夕陽,會有一種威風凜然的感覺,或者一種黃昏的感概吧……重點是,很美很美啊!難怪安平夕陽曾被喻為台灣八大美景之一。 Deyang Destroyer started to serve Taiwan Navy in 1977 and decommissioned in 2005. (Its history can be easily found in the Internet.) As a Hong Kong people, it is rare for us to have chance to access to warship (it really participated in war before!). This is a great opportunity to visit such a warship to see what is actually inside and feel it. I think the maintenance of the destroyer is good. Also, it allows people take a closer experience such as sitting in front of the guns etc rather than just take a look. Visitor can pretend to be a crew of the navy =P. That's why it is important not to destroy any facilities so that the other can come to experience too. My favourite is Deyang Destroyer in sunset. In the evening, you can see sunset near Deyang Destroyer as well as on the destroyer. As it is a warship, when it is under sunset, it is like the end of a movie which tells you the end of a war and there is going to have peace afterwards. I love this view! You can know why Anping sunset was once one of the eight most beautiful view in Taiwan. (日本語があまりうまくないけど、徳陽艦のいいところを伝いたい) 徳陽艦は1977年から2005年まで台湾の海を守りました。 一般的に、軍艦に乗ることはむつかしいと思います。軍艦の中を入って、いろんな設置を体験させてもらえますよ。 最もおすすめのは夕方の空の下で、徳陽艦を見ることです。これはすっごく美しいと思います。全然映画のような景色です!たぶん、これは何で「安平夕方」は台湾の8美しい景色の一つでしたか、少しわかります。
  • tiff288


    德陽艦請一定要去參觀~ 不虛此行

    Traveler rating:5 2019-11

    門票80 (當地人還有優惠) 但是參觀完收穫良多, 這80元很超值~ 每一個艙室, 每一個角落, 每一個裝備都有詳細的說明, 搭配當時的故事... 讓人看得津津有味, 真切感受當時在軍艦上的一切~ 了解這艘軍艦在美軍服役期間...
  • danielsprang


    Traveler rating:5 2019-11

    就在安平那一區碼頭的盡頭,成年人門票每人80塊.在外國這種都已很貴了,值得的. 無論是不是軍事迷,來看看海,看看夕陽也是很不錯,冬天是下午5點半最後登船。
  • tensun



    Traveler rating:3 2019-09


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