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The Old Tainan Water Course and Water Purification Pond(原台南水道淨水池區)




After walking up nearly 200 steps, tourists can see the building of water purification pond with its European castle-like exterior, a style rarely seen in Taiwan. Protruding from the turf above the building is a field of metal air vents which has become a popular spot for tourists to take photographs and check-in. In 1897, government engineering advisors W.K. Burton and Yashiro Hamano began an investigation into Tainan's water supply and water quality. Construction of the water system began in 1912, and took 10 years to complete. All current equipment and installations were decommissioned in 1982. Due to its location in the water source protection zone, the water course has maintained a rich ecological environment, with large numbers of leaf-nosed bats staying in the clear water pools. Access is prohibited during their mating season, which lasts from April to October every year. Walking past the clear, dark pools, the high walls and pillars towering above, sounds of bats emerging from the darkness; this is a rare experience not to be missed.


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Address , Shanshang Dist., Tainan City Taiwan, R.O.C

Category Historic Sites

Opening Hours Wednesday to Sunday 8:30~17:30 (Afternoon break from 12:30~13:30) (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)

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  • SpokaneRod

    Tainan, Taiwan

    Traveler type:


    Japanese Colonial Era Historical Site

    Traveler rating:3 2015-12

    I've never seen the Watercourse in Tainan tourist, business, or historical publications. Even after going there and asking locals about it, I could get no information. I figure it's like a lot of places all over the world, it's no longer part of daily life, it's off the beaten path, it belonged to an older generation, and so it becomes forgotten. I stumbled across the Watercourse based on a recommendation from my nephew; he'd read something about it in Chinese on-line, so he thought I might be interested. Fong Ta was right! Sometimes, those are the most interesting sites because they give real insight as to how people used to live. Much of Taiwan's historical locations are based on the Chinese influence. Valid, from a Chinese perspective and the view of most Chinese who came to Taiwan in the late 1940s. However, for those who had long family roots in Taiwan, the Japanese era still rings loudly in their memories. This small site can show the influence of the Japanese in the lives of those in the Tainan area. The nearby city of Sin Hua is worth visiting while already in Tainan because the main street is lined with Japanese-era one and two-story buildings and homes. Just those make the visit there worthwhile. Add to those, just one, two, and three blocks away are neighborhoods of the one-story brick Fuchian-style homes that were prominent all over Taiwan until the 1960s and '70s. You can wander to your heart's content. While already in Sin Hua, the short drive to get to the Watercourse is worthwhile. Were I civil engineer, I'd make it a point to go there. Were I into Japanese-era life in Taiwan, I'd make it a point to go there. Were I satiated with the temples and shrines of Tainan and had half a day available, I'd go to Sin Hua and then the Watercourse. Well, what is it? It's the water treatment facility built by the Japanese just before World War One. It was used until the 1970s. You can wander around the old buildings and ponds. Many of the sites are identified in English; an English brochure is available near the entrance. This is not the top-visited location for tourists so you may have the place all to yourself. You can take pictures and snoop around everything without being disturbed.
  • Chao Chun H

    Traveler type:

    나홀로 여행


    Traveler rating:3 2017-07

    創建日治時期大正十一年(1922年),建議一早就來,當作散步地點即可,階梯大概200階,平緩所以不用擔心! 位於高點有洗手間以及介紹室,腹地廣大,但有著蝙蝠棲息,故淨水區內部暫時不對外開放; 可騎車或者開車; 公車建議搭乘-綠11 到山上派出所,走路約950公尺,如外地旅客仍建議先坐火車到善化火車站,如從台南火車搭乘將會有兩倍時間!
  • Excursion387275

    Traveler type:

    친구 동반 여행


    Traveler rating:5 2017-02

  • carol-0903


    Traveler type:

    친구 동반 여행


    Traveler rating:3 2016-11

    好像還沒正式開放 可是已經可以進去參觀 雖然說有導覽但是導覽員只是照手冊講給遊客聽 而且水道裡面沒有燈光也不准用手機照射 也不能出聲音 說會嚇倒蝙狐 裡面很臭 會聽到蛇的聲音水道的參觀距離很短 去過之後覺得可去可不去啦!外面風景比較好!
  • aitainan2015



    Traveler rating:4 2015-12


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