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Tainan Astronomical Education Area(南瀛科學教育館)

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Wednesday:09:00 – 17:00





To get a good look at the stars, it is usual to rush to a high mountain or the beach when the weather is clear, but actually you don't need to go that far. Tainan Astronomical Education Area (南瀛天文教育園區) located in Danei, Tainan, is equipped with an observatory, exhibition hall and astronomy hall. The observatory's telescope is 76 centimeters, which is the largest caliber in the country. The exhibition hall is extremely popular with children for its space flight simulation area; the space shuttle takes 7.5 minutes to take off and is an immensely enjoyable experience that you simply must try. The main display in the astronomy room is a Hubble Space Telescope, and there is also a 3D theater, where you can bravely charge into outer space with 3D glasses! The daytime observatory is nearby on a small hill with moon-like terrain, with extraordinarily beautiful views when the weather is clear. When evening comes it has a different atmosphere altogether, the lighting adding a sense of romance. Besides parent and child visit, it is also a suitable spot for romantic dates.


TEL +886-6-5761076

Address Danei Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture

Opening Hours Tuesday to Sunday 9:00~17:00 Saturday astrology hall 9:00~20:00 Astronomical observatory 9:00~21:00 Astronomical exhibition hall 9:00~21:00, closed on Monday Astronomical exhibition hall: Full price tickets NT$ 50, concessionary tickets NT$40 Astrology hall: Full price tickets (2D/3D)100/130, concessionary tickets (2D/3D)70/100

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    Traveler rating:5 2018-07

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    친구 동반 여행


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    很難想像在台南大內鄉這樣的農村居然座落了這麼有規模的天文教育園區,整個園區佔地廣大,共有天文展示館、天文觀測館、星象館三個主要場館,以及戶外廣大的賽堤廣場。 天文展示館有很多生動活潑的互動展示區,以及虛擬實境的展示設施,讓我們吸收很多天文知識。星象館最特別的是裡面有一座很寬闊的3D星象劇場,並有專人講解星象圖,還能欣賞全天域影像的3D影片,令人大開眼界。可惜的是這次去的時候天文觀測館的天文望遠鏡在維修,所以沒有開放參觀。 南瀛天文教育園區是一個很適合大小孩及成人參觀的教育園區,場館設備新穎,環境友善,來一趟絕對能帶回滿滿的天文知識。
  • ZYSiao

    신주, 타이완

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    나홀로 여행


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