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Xiaying Industry and Culture Exhibition Hall(下營產業館)




It is often said that Xiaying has three treasures: silkworms, geese and black beans. It can be said that these three agricultural products made Xiaying; the people developed and promoted these special products. Xiaying Industry and Culture Exhibition Hall is located next to Xiaying Farmers’ Association and is housed in a converted Association warehouse. It is well planned and has detailed introductions. The exhibition areas can be divided into: Xiaying Agricultural Development Area, Silkworm Industry Area, Rural Life Display Area, Multi-media Screening Area, Black Bean Industry Area, and Goose Industry Area. Tourists are taken back to villages long ago and shown how the three treasures of Xiaying evolved. The “three treasures” and other local products can also be bought in the exhibition hall shop. The Agricultural Production Exhibition Hall and Visitor Service Center are located opposite the Xiaying Industry and Culture Exhibition Hall. A steady stream of tourists arrive by tour bus at the Exhibition Hall. It is Xiaying’s most important industry, culture and story hall.


TEL +886-6-6898496

Address Xiaying Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Local Gallery

Opening Hours Tuesday~Sunday 8:30~16:00 Closed on Monday


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