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Liuchong River Hot Spring(六重溪溫泉)





Liuchong River Hot Spring (六重溪溫泉) is close to Guanziling Hot Spring Area(關子嶺溫泉區). Although not as well-known as the latter, it still attracts many people. The water isn’t very hot at e mud hot spring water of Guanzilin about 35 Celsius and is similar to Guanzilin mud hot spring; the sodium bicarbonate spring water has a high mud content and bubbles. Due to the limited amount of spring water, Qian XiaYuan, a home stay, is the only authorized user. It is a tranquil hot spring heaven. The Liuchong River area was once the home of Pingpu Peoples. On the upper reaches of the river is Jiuchong Waterfall. To preserve Pingpu cultural characteristics, the Liuchong River Pingpu Cultural Zone has been established here and a meeting house rebuilt to preserve local cultural relics and traditional culture.


TEL +886-6-6822293

Address Baihe Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Parks、Hot Spring

Open Hours Opening hours and ticket prices as set by the hot spring home stay


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