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Jingliao Old Street(菁寮老街)




Jingliao (菁寮) was an important courier station on the only road to Tsulou County (諸羅縣) during the Qing Dynasty, and bustling businesses developed all around the intersection of today’s Provincial Highways 82 and 85, such as pool halls, hotels, merchants, taverns and theaters. The unusual Jingliao Catholic Church, designed by Pulitzer Prize winner Gottfied Bohm in 1966, is also worth a visit. Jingliao Old Street has always preserved the old-fashioned setting without any changes. The Ho Hsin Fruit and Ice Shop is almost 80 years old, and was once a popular dating spot among Jingliao residents. It still has the good old flavors, such as banana ice and red bean cow's milk ice, products which receive unconditional praise. Jingliao rose to fame thanks to the Let It Be documentary film, and the elderly farmers in the movie naturally show their spirits of optimism. Their gratitude and respect toward the Gods can be seen by anybody visiting Jingliaio. Besides the elderly people's wisdom, the elementary students of Jingliao diligently cultivate a paddy field behind the school using natural farming methods, an incredibly practical and smart way to learn. Only through personal experience can one understand the most important aspects of home.


TEL +886-6-6622725

Address Houbi Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture

Open Hours Free entry, open all day long

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