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Xinying Sugar Refinery (新營糖廠)




Xingying Sugar Refinery (新營糖廠) was once a thriving operation. At the peak of the sugar industry in Liuying (柳營) a miniature train could often be seen heading over Jishui River bridge towards Xingying, rolling into the factory laden with sugar cane. But after the decline of the sugar industry, the train was no longer used, and the sugar line also gradually disappeared even in people's memories. The only constant was the old flavor of the ice cream shop in the Taisugar Refinery, which remains a popular dating spot to this day, and is a place which many people visit to recall those simple old flavors. The miniature train, decommissioned for many years, is back in service, re-purposed for sightseeing. Instead of sugar cane it carries tourists. Setting off from Xinying Sugar Refinery, it advances slowly along the edge of the river all the way to Baweng Village(八翁里) in Liuying Township. To the side, the passengers can view the expansive open scenery, and cross over the babbling brook. The amusing tour guide will compare the towering transmission pylon to the Eiffel Tower of Xinying. His witticisms always make tourists laugh. Finally the train will arrive at Ba Lao Ye Station (八老爺車站), where tourists can taste the milk hot pot and try their hand at feeding and milking cattle, all in all a rich and fun-filled family day out.


TEL +886-6-6324570

Address , Xinying Dist., Tainan City Taiwan, R.O.C

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