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Salty Zone Cultural Museum- Shiang Yu Museum (鹽分地帶文化館-香雨書院)

Monday:Break time





In the fields of the Salty Zone, an elegant white building stands amidst the greenery. In front of the building are red brick floor tiles and a low wall. On the building the words "Shiang Yu Musuem" can be seen. The Museum offers various courses and has a large number of cultural relics and artworks on display, including old photographs and old maps relating to the Salty Zone. The Museum gives tourists an understanding of the Salty Zone and its culture and adds an artistic and cultural atmosphere to the area.


TEL +886-6-7944823

Address Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Local Gallery、Culture

Open Hours Sunday:09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 17:00
Monday:Break time
Tuesday:Break time
Wednesday:09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 17:00
Thursday:09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 17:00
Friday:09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 17:00
Saturday:09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 17:00


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