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Xi Nan Chun Resort Fishing Village(溪南春休閒渡假漁村)




Xi Nan Chun Leisure Fishing Village (溪南春休閒渡假漁村) is a successful case of transforming a fish farm to a tourist destination. The barrel huts built on the water by early fishermen provide lodging for tourists, and on another unremarkable fish pond, a wooden bridge and pavilion have been built to allow tourists to daydream at the pond and appreciate the rippling water or enjoy the pleasures of fishing. The ponds contain oysters, tilapias and milkfish, known to the locals as the three treasures of Qigu. They make for a distinctive meal, very fresh and full of local flavor. In addition, the site has a collection of antiques varied enough to fill a museum on their own! Come here to enjoy a holiday atmosphere, eat and drink, look at antiques and go fishing; the perfect place to slow down and appreciate a slower pace of life.


TEL +886-6-7874365

Address , Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwan, R.O.C

Category Recreational Agriculture And Fishing

Opening Hours Free entry Monday to Sunday 9:00~19:30

Offical Site Offical Site


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