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Meiling Hiking Trail(梅嶺登山步道)




Meifeng Historic Trail (梅峰古道) has always been one of the top choices for the citizens of Tainan to climb the hills at the outskirts of the city, and has 5 clearly marked hiking trails. They include the Ridge Trail, with its incredible views, and the Melong Trail, the southern end of which leads to 1,110m Mt. Zhuzijian triangulation point. Wulong Trail is also a relatively relaxed trail where tourists can enjoy the views of Tsengwen Reservoir and head to HsinHsing's popular scenic spot the One Line Sky Trail. Wulong trail is also a good place to see fireflies. During nighttime in April and May the sides of the path are filled with countless black-winged fireflies, flying among the plum and betel nut trees looking for mates. Come and enjoy the fireflies, but don't catch them or disturb their mating with flashlights. Meifeng Historical Trail (梅峰古道)used to be a major transport road leading from the Guanshan area to Nanxi Township. Locals used this ancient road to go up the mountain to pick rattan, medicinal herbs, and bamboo, so it was an important path for people's livelihood and the local economy. Near the old path, there still remains an early charcoal kiln. Part of the trail has been repaired with flowers lining the edges of the path, and a rich ecology. In May, you can also see a wide expanse of Formosa lilies. Near the ridge is an area dense with brush pot trees and fern growing all around; the mysterious atmosphere makes it feel like entering a Jurassic jungle, a forest landscape not to be missed. The Guanyin trail starts from behind the two story parking lot, and so is the most popular hiking trail. With private plum gardens on both sides, there is no shortage of plum trees on the trail, and plum farmers by the roadside selling homemade preserved fruit, plum tea and plum wine. In front of the Guanyin temple, you can admire the striking view of the Nanxi Valley and Meiling Scenic Area. After the temple, the trail becomes more difficult, and in some parts you will need to use a rope to pull yourself up with both hands, combining rich landscape with a physical challenge.


TEL +886-6-6900399

Address Nanxi Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Outdoor Sports

Open Hours Free entry, open all day long


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