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Museum of Natural History(自然史教育館)




The Museum of Natural History(自然史教育館) is located near the Cailiao River (菜寮溪)and its tributaries. Numerous animal fossils have been unearthed in this area, it is also an important place for wild bird conservation and is also populated by the Siraya tribe of the Pingpu (Plains Aborigines) (西拉雅平埔族). The main themes of the museum’s exhibitions focus on fossils and Pingpu culture. Various camp activities suited to children are held. Bring children here to search for fossils or teach them about nature in the forest.


TEL +886-6-5732385

Address , Zuozhen Dist., Tainan City Taiwan, R.O.C

Category Culture

Opening Hours Tuesday 13:30~17:30, Wednesday~Friday 8:30~12:00, 13:30~17:30, Saturday~Sunday


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