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Sio House(夕遊出張所)

Thursday:10:00 – 18:00





Sio House (夕遊出張所) is located behind the Yanshen White Beach Park (鹽神白沙灘公園), and covers approximately 330 m2. During the Japanese Colonial Era, it served as the Anping Office, Tainan Branch, Governor General of Taiwan Monopoly Bureau (臺灣總督府專賣局台南支局安平分室), an important base during this period of prosperity for the salt industry. Soon after Retrocession, the office was converted into a dormitory, providing lodging for the family of salt industry managers. It is currently operated by a local company, and has been renamed Sio House (夕遊出張所).This place has an extremely deep connection with salt, which is pronounced Sio in Japanese, and is also a great spot to view the sunset, as well as an evening walking spot for travelers, therefore it was named with the two characters Xi You (夕遊), meaning “Sunset Travel.” Inside Sio House, 366 kinds of colored birthday salts attract many tourists to come and search for their own personal colored salt. The colored salt-baked eggs are both delicious and fun; take a wooden mallet and lightly break the shell to try a warm, fresh baked egg with the distinctive saltpan flavor.


TEL +886-6-3911088

Address Anping Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Email service@tnshio.com

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