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Cahamu Hall and Indigenous Park (札哈木會館及原住民公園)

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According to legend, about 400 years ago, the area around Chikan and Anping in Tainan used to be the area where the Tsou tribe was active, and the Tsou language used to call this former capital city "Cahamu". Therefore, members of the Tsou tribe officially visited the city to find their roots in 2002. In addition, the number of aborigines in the Tainan metropolitan area grew, and in 2004, the Tainan City Government established the "Cahamu Indigenous Park" and the "Cahamu Hall". The indoor area of the Hall is a study and exhibition space, and the outdoor area of the park has aboriginal art rock installations, a platform featuring aboriginal totems, a cultural plaza, a watchtower, and a "pavilion" with Tsou-style architecture. The park regularly hosts annual events such as “Tsou Tribal Day”, “Tsou Music Festival”, and regular “Music Stages”, as well as the Cahamu Market. At the same time, it provides static and dynamic activity services, and is a focal center to unite the feelings of indigenous peoples in the city and to pass on and promote aboriginal culture.


TEL +886-6-2995826

Address No. 472, Anyi Road, Anping Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

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