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Anping Minor Artillery Fort(安平小砲臺)

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The Fort was built in the 20th year of the reign of the Daoguang Emperor in the Qing Dynasty to defend against the British during the Opium War in 1840. It is comprised of the main body and a protective rock embankment that is long and narrow and extends south to north. The main body of the fort stands next to today’s Shuichi Park (水池公園) and is made from granite; the northern embankment is made from coral rock and cement, with firing holes and a gate to keep water out. The Fort is a city-listed historic site and is the best-preserved early Chinese style fort from the Qing Dynasty in Taiwan, different to modern Western forts such as Eternal Golden Castle(億載金城).This spot was originally an important part of the coastal defenses of Anping but lost its usefulness after the Taijing Inner Sea(台江內海) silted up. The once-majestic fort has seen everything change over time. It is good place to ponder on the past.


TEL +886-6-2290313

Address Anping Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Historic Sites、Culture

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