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Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Park(鎮北坊文化園區)

Friday:08:00 – 17:00





Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Park (鎮北坊文化園區) covers almost all of Tainan’s North District. In Qing Dynasty, Zhen Bei Fang was a government and military center and, as a result, many of the old street names had military symbolism such as Datong Street (Ziqiang Street today) and Zongye Street (Chongan Street). The area has an abundance of historic sites such as The Founding Jade Emperor Temple (開基玉皇宮), Grand Guanyin Temple and Black Ghost Well (烏鬼井); in particular,The Founding Mazu Temple is the focal point of Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Park. Enter Ziqiang Street from Chenggong Road and Jiu Lai Fa Cake Shop will come into view, serving the old tastes of Tainan. It sells miniature Red Turtle Rice Cake(紅龜粿), Big Cake and has models of common sacrificial offerings that always mesmerize tourists. Ziqiang Street has the atmosphere of the lanes and alleys of Tainan in times gone by. It has coffee shops with their own style; when tired, tourists can eat tasty snacks at the nearby Yamuliao Market(鴨母寮市場). Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Park is the place to experience authentic old Tainan and is sure to satisfy.


TEL +886-910-819696

Address North Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture

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