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Taiwan Salt-Pan Eco-Village(鹽田生態村)




Anshun Salt Field (安順鹽場) is an early salt pan built by Taiwan Salt Manufacturing Co.(臺灣製鹽會社) during the Japanese Colonial Era, and was completed in 1923. Many important historical and cultural heritage assets have been preserved, including the old canal, dock, sluice gate and all kinds of water conservancy facilities, and of course several buildings left over from the Japanese Colonial Era, such as the Salt Industry Management Residence and Salt Village Houses, etc. The Taiwan Salt-Pan Eco-Village (鹽田生態村) is located in the middle of the Sicao Wildlife Refuge (四草野生動物保護區), and the village's unique buildings are fully integrated with the eco-tourism destination. At holiday times, tourists have the opportunity to see salt workers on site in the process of collecting salt, and can also learn about the history of the salt industry and the arduous life of salt workers in the past. There are also other scenic spots in the area such as the Sicao Dajhong Temple (四草大眾廟宗教信仰), Sicao Artillery Fort (四草砲台), Taijiang Cetacean Museum (臺江鯨豚館) and the Mangrove Green Tunnel (紅樹林綠色隧道).


TEL +886-6-2840073

Address South Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Eco-Tour

Opening Hours Free entry, Monday to Sunday 9:00~17:00


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