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Kunxiwan Cultural Park(鯤喜灣文化園區)

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Kunxiwan Cultural Park (鯤喜灣文化園區) is span a large area, and at the northernmost part is the Anping Commercial Port (安平商港) and Kunshen Wharf (鯤鯓碼頭); spreading to Erren Brook (二仁溪) and the Southern Area Qingshui Park (南區親水公園) at its southern extremity. Also including the Golden Coast (黃金海岸) as well as the Xishu Art Settlement (喜樹藝術聚落) and Wanli Commercial District (灣裡商圈), the area features long sandy beaches which follow the coastline and a large number of scenic spots. The Kunshen Wharf area features a seascape overhead walkway, and along the seawall is a wooden pathway which can be cycled or walked in order to enjoy the view. The Golden Coast is a place where many a Tainan local will come on a day off to walk along next to the waves, and is a place where parents and children will run flying kites together, or where couples will go on a romantic date. In the newly developed Xishu Art Settlement, older residents make and sell lifelike fish pen bags and bags in the shape of vegetables, which are famous all over Taiwan. Heading further towards Wanli, take a trip to the 300 year old Wannian Temple (萬年殿) or the local Presbyterian Church (長老教會), which is a tourist spot in itself. In the Wanli Commercial District, one can find all kinds of old shops or stalls for a quick bite to eat, an opportunity that should not be missed.


TEL +886-6-2625160

Address South Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture

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