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Dong An Fang Cultural Zone(東安坊文化園區)

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Dong An Fang(東安坊) is centered around the East Gate, the area encompassing historic churches, the Chenghuang Temple and Dongyue Temple(城隍廟與東嶽殿). The area east of the East Gate was an important settlement when Western churches first came to Tainan; Taiwan’s first university, Tainan Theological College(台南神學院), Taiwan’s first modern hospital, Sin Lau Hospital, Taiwan’s first junior high school and girls’ junior high school, Chang Jung Junior High School and Chang Jung’s Girls’ High School, and Taiwan Church Press are all in the area. To the west of East Gate stand Dongyue Temple and the Chenghuang Temple, in charge of the Netherworld, at the intersection of today’s Mingquan and Qingnian Roads. Due to the presence of the temples, to this day many of the businesses in this area are related to folk belief. Dong An Fang Cultural Zone can be said to be an area where Eastern and Western beliefs intersected in Tainan in earlier times. The arrival of Western culturegave Dong Fang An apronounced college cultural and educational air that lasts to the present. The Zone is well suited to walking to experience the meeting of Eastern and Western culture here.


TEL +886-6-3901179

Address East Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture

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