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Grand Mazu Temple (Prince Ning Jing‘s Mansion)(祀典大天后宮(明寧靖王府邸)

Friday:06:00 – 21:00





Grand Mazu Temple was originally the Prince Ning Jing‘s Mansion(寧靖王朱術桂府邸). In 1683 Shi Lang led his army across the sea to Taiwan and defeated Zheng Ke-shuang. Afterwards, in order to win the hearts of the people, the Qing court converted the Ning Jing Mansion into a temple worshipping Mazu. It was the first government-established Matsu temple in Taiwan. Upon entering the temple, you can see a huge golden Mazu statue, with Gods of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience The rear hall worships Yue Lao, God of Marriage, so single men and women often come here to pray by putting powder and red lines on the body. The powder can attract fate, and reportedly many matches have already been made. Some have even come from Japan to Taiwan to pray to the shrine and then found a beauty to take back home with them! Yet another legend of Datianhou.


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