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West Market (Wholesale Market)(西市場(大菜市))

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The West Market (西市場) plays an important role in the collective memory of older Tainan residents, and it is situated in the public marketplace area on Ximen Road (西門路), which was established in 1905. People from Tainan commonly refer to it as the Wholesale Market (大菜市), and it was previously the largest food market in Southern Taiwan, with a long and established history. Originally it was constructed of wood, but the market has been through numerous renovations to reach its present appearance. During its most prosperous period, it was spread across 2 stories and featured a classy Western restaurant, although this cannot be seen now. When entering the marketplace area it is possible to see old signboards with number 6 telephone numbers marked. The roof of the structure is somewhat messy, featuring as it does a jumbled mess of telephone wires seemingly dating to the Showa period, as if this place has been frozen in time. The market has evolved and it is now known amongst the local Tainan residents primarily as a cloth market, where all kinds of garish patterns and materials are on display. Many of these embody a certain “Tainan style”. Amongst the rows of cloth are nestled some delicious food stalls, and when taking a trip to Tainan do not miss out on this opportunity to experience an old market atmosphere here.


Address West Central Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Historic Sites、Culture

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