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Museum of MeteorologyFormer Tainan Meteorological Station (Central Weather Administration Southern Region Weather Center) (原台南測候所(中央氣象署臺灣南區氣象中心))

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The Former Tainan Meteorological Station(原台南測候所) has an important position in the hearts of Tainan locals. It is located on what was the highest point in the center of the city, on a hill at 14 meters elevation. Due to its appearance, it was nicknamed “pepper pot” by locals; as it also has an unusual 18 radii roof, it was also called “18 angle building” It is located in front of the Southern Region Weather Center of the Central Weather Bureau and stands out in between two modern buildings. Look closely and you will see the building is made up of three concentric circles; the innermost one a white circular tower which is filled with various pieces of meteorological equipment, the middle ring is a corridor, while the outer ring is offices. Its special appearance always attracts the gaze of passersby. The Museum of Meteorology attracts a large number of tourists when the golden trumpet trees bloom March-April, the pink flowers complementing the view of Maxwell Memorial Church opposite. At night, the flowers are as pretty as nighttime cherry blossoms, presenting a scene that should not be missed.


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Address West Central Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

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