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Puji Temple(普濟殿)

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It is said that Tainan is shaped like a phoenix, which is why it was nicknamed phoenix city. As Puji Temple(普濟殿) is located at the center of the fengshui bagua (eight divinatory trigrams) net, to prevent the phoenix that brought the city prosperity from flying away, Puji Temple and the bagua net shaped streets around it were built. Puji Temple has become well-known in the last few years, the reason being its creative painted lanterns, introduced for the first time at Chinese New Year in 2014. Thousands of painted lanterns are neatly hung in the temple square and even extend onto Kuohua Street, giving a pleasant surprise to passing visitors and locals. The warm light emitted by the lanterns by night lets visitors feel the warmth of family reunions at Chinese New Year, winning much praise.


TEL +886-6-2268774

Address West Central Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Religious Temples、Culture

Opening Hours 7:00~21:00
Free entry, open all year round



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  • Tainanguesthouse

    Tainan, Taiwan

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    City of Temples

    Traveler rating:5 2017-01

    This is a city of temples.   Taiwan is a small island, yet you will never get bored living on it. There are fireworks every week, especially in Tainan! We are celebrating birthday of Godssssssss almost every week. Taoism is the major religion here, unlike Buddhism, there are over thousands of gods in heaven. And similar to Greek mythology, the relations between Taiwan-gods are so complicated that you think you are watching “House of cards”. Imagine each god lives in 1 temple and believers play firework for each birthday. Multiple by thousand. Then imagine the gods are leaving their temples for other gods’ parties… Yes we have the busiest temple festival rundown, even busier than Taiwan international airport we afraid!   The Lantern Festival shown in picture takes place at Pu-ji Temple, celebrating its 350 yrs old. All the lanterns are beautifully painted by local tainanese, from children to artists. This year there are also Stunning Traditional Paper-cuts hidden in nearby lanes. It's worth searching every single corner, both day and night. You will find it romantic, warm and full of blessings.
  • Ambassador809753


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    Traveler rating:5 2019-02

    夜神農街の帰りに歩いていたら、偶然ことらに辿りつきました。 とてもキレイで、わりと長くこの景色が続きます。 夜10時過ぎに歩いていたせいか、途中で電気が消えました。
  • lucy_amy40425

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    Traveler rating:4 2019-01

  • yihsinL14

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    Traveler rating:4 2019-03

    あなたはまだ低い頭で私の携帯電話を見て、私の携帯電話を見ていますか? 今夜は舌に平手打ちはありません(近くにたくさんの食べ物があると言われています)。 おい? あなたは今夜のランタンフェスティバルが月の炎を照らし、月がまばゆいばかりのものでいっぱいであることを知ってはいけませんか? 夕方の11時54分は、今年の最大の満月と一致し、20世紀の最初の満月ですが、とにかく、毎年非常に大きいと言われますが、そうでなければ誰も見ることはできません。 (あなたはまだ待つ必要がある場合)。 急いで運動してから、見上げて、今夜あなたと私に属する美しい動く星空を見てください。
  • _Y2053KM

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    Traveler rating:5 2018-02


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