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Sea Discovery Tour




  • The ocean is a natural landscape that has always been a part of the earth. In ancient times, it was a challenge that human beings had to face with great courage; later it became an indispensable existence for our living. As an island country, the history and development of Taiwan has always been closely connected to the ocean, from the earliest recorded Dutch colonization to Koxinga’s development of Taiwan, followed by migration waves across the strait and the later commercial activities as well as local religion establishment. Anping was the first town built at that time, which served as the gate to connect Taiwan with the history and development mentioned above. Sea Discovery Tour will walk you along Anping Port, depicting the navigation prosperity of Taiwan in old days, with which participants could have a better understanding of the important status and features of Tainan city.
  • Route: 億載金城 Eternal Golden Fort(meet-up point) - 安平港 Anping Harbor- 林默娘公園 Lin Mo Niang Park - 安平億載社杭州殿 Hangzhou Temple - 札哈木原住民園區 Cahamu Hall and Indigenous Park - 大魚的祝福 Greetings from the Whale
  • The exact route may vary according to the weather or conditions of participants on the day.

Basic Information

Organizer Tourism Bureau,Tainan City Government

Contact Person Yun Lee

Tel. +886-6-299-1111#1560

Participation Conditions 1. The tour is provided for foreign visitors only. Taiwanese who like to make bookings for their foreign friends should fill in information of the foreigners.
2. This tour is a 2-hour walking tour. Please estimate your personal physical condition before booking.

Booking Method Online registration

Charge No fee or tipping will be charged by our tour guides. If you are requested to pay for the service, you are entitled to refuse and report it to us via 1102161116@mail.tainan.gov.tw

Attention Your booking is ed only when you receive a ation email.
Please value and respect the effort we make and when you have to cancel your booking, do let us know by emailing us to 1102161116@mail.tainan.gov.tw before the date.


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